What is the cure of obesity after 30 years of age?

What is obesity?

Obesity is the excess accumulation of fats within a person’s body. Such a person is known to be obese. It is rather different from what we understand as being fat; it’s more than being overweight.

What causes obesity?

Weight of the body increases when the intake of calories becomes greater than the amount burned. However, there are many other factors that contribute to the excess in weight and causing obesity. Mentioned below are some of those factors.

  1. Role of genes in causing obesity:

Genes play an important role here. If both or one of the parents is suffering from obesity, it is probable that the offspring will also have it. This is because our hormones are affected by the genes we receive from our parents.


  1. Excessive intake of calories:

Foods filled with fats and calories often become the reason behind weight gain. When a person consumes such foods in excess, he or she is likely to become obese with a passage of time.


  1. Physical inactivity:

When a person isn’t physical active, his metabolism rate becomes slower than usual. Due to this, the breakdown of foods doesn’t take place as it should. Consequently, all fats and calories gets absorbed in the body causing obesity.


  1. Psychological elements

There are also some mental factors associated with obesity. For instance, when a person is bored, stressed, angry, or sad, he tends to eat in excess.


  1. Medications:

There are some medicines that if taken, causes weight gain. These medicines include antidepressants, anticonvulsants, diabetes medications, and some hormones. Medications for high blood pressure also causes weight gain.


There are many other factors like these that become the cause of obesity.

Cure of obesity after 30 years of age:

It is quite understood that losing weight isn’t as easy as gaining it, and also that there isn’t just one factor causing obesity. We know what being more than 30 years of age means. After 30 years, many physical problems arise such as joint pain, etc. Physical activity becomes more of an issue if the person is obese at this age. A slight weight loss can be effective at this time of life. There isn’t any specific cure or treatment. However, the entire lifestyle needs to be changed in order to cure obesity or control weight with idealica tropfen bestellen . A 30 year old (or above) obese person must bring about changes in his diet and routine. Diet needs to be free of sugars, fats, and carbohydrates. No fizzy drinks and juices must be taken. Physical activity must be included in routine. If joint problem exists, strenuous exercises must be avoided. Walk will be beneficial. Medications should be taken in limit. Mental health is as important as the physical one. People become more stressed when they reach such age. They must try to have therapies, both physical and psychological. Thus, if lifestyle can be modified, positive changes can be brought.