What are SSL Certificates and why do you need them?

Google has for some time announced that SSL certificates are absolutely necessary, firstly for the safety of visitors, customers of a website and secondly for SEO.

If you want to add seriousness and prestige to your Online-business, then you need an SSL certificate.

It’s the best way to protect your customer’s data as well as to protect yourself when you use your passwords from third parties. Many customers avoid buying from eshops and websites products or buying domain services when no SSL certificate is used.

Unlike as many websites using SSL Certificates that featured the SSL Site Seal feature, customers feel secure knowing that they are on a trusted website that are protected.

But what is SSL?

SSL comes from the words Secure Socket Layers (Electronic certificate), which creates a secure connection between the website and the user’s browser. An SSL Certificate validates the authenticity of a website and encrypts the information that online visitors send and receive from it.

SSL certifies your identity after checks and protects your customers data with a level of strong encryption.

When your website is covered by an SSL Certificate, your customers are reassured that your website belongs and is legal and their data (personal information, codes, credit card) will not be intercepted.

In what case do I need SSL and what are the reasons you need to use it?

We need SSL Certificate when a website contains electronic purchase of products, and the visitor, customer must enter personal information such as credit cards or bank accounts to carry out a transaction, when the Visitor enters his login details and when items are sent through a contact form, for all these SSL certificate is necessary.

An SSL certificate is useful for the following reasons:

  • Encrypting sensitive information is very important.
  • When a website uses SSL, users who visit it will buy more easily.
  • As many websites have a SSL certificate, Google will reward them and improve their ranking in search results.

How do I understand that the website uses SSL?

When a Web page uses a SSL certificate, a small green padlock icon (safe) appears in front of the Web page address (domain name) and the HTTP changes to HTTPS.

So, if your goal is to provide services safely and reliably, the use of SSL certificates is a prerequisite.

Note that most hosting companies offer free SSL certificates when you buy the services. Here is a list with hosting companies who offer free SSL certificated with every subscription.