The ICC world cup is a recurring event which is held twice in a decade having a fixed time gap. The tournament got birth in the year 1975, when it was initially played in June 1975 in England. The Windies were the world champions then and the runner up spot was accommodated by the Australians.

Now if coming to the present event then it is the 12th of its kind and will also be held in the land of cricket once again, yeah baby! You heard it right. The ICC World Cup is getting bigger and grand by the passing time and we love this trait of it. Ten regular ICC ranked teams will come across and will play back to back forty-eight matches, including two semi-finals and the big match (Final). The event will start on 30th May 2019 and all are looking forward to, very desperately.

The love showered by the masses

International cricket has made its rigid spot in the world of sports games till now. In many countries it is served as a religion and especially when it comes to showdowns of some rival nation, for instance, Pakistan and Bharat and Australia and England, the outfield automatically shifts its nature as a battlefield, and after this the match is not only about winning the prize, but it also means pride, superiority, legacy and all that is crucial for satisfying the hunger of a nation.

Among all these states of affairs, the ICC world cup 2019 has its own fan base as when it comes to THE ICC WORLD CUP, it is the boss of all cricketing tournaments being held all around the world. Cricket fever has exceeded the explosive level and fans are trembling in its wait. Every place which comes in our sight is all washed by the colors of the tournament and streets are lit with the echo of the CWC 2019 anthems. At last, the wait of the WC 2019 lovers is about to come to an end and the blistering event is about to start soon.

List of the previous title owners

For some cricketly education, let us have a glance of the past champions of this majestic event being held all over the globe, where cricket is alive in the hearts of people. As ICC WC 2019 is the twelfth one, as mentioned above, so it is quite obvious that till present, eleven such rounds have taken place in the past, having a list of some outstanding and mighty champions. The champions are stated along with the years below.

In 1975 West Indies, 1979 West Indies, 1983 India, 1987 Australia, 1992 Pakistan, 1996 Sri Lanka, 1999 Australia, 2003 Australia, 2007 Australia, 2011 India and 2015 Australia.

WC 2019 Details

Every person does not get the boon to experience the live match at the very venue. So all the deprived fans then require the accurate details about the tournament such as schedule, fixtures, match details, venue map, teams to play, team squads and other quick up-dates about the event and all the running games.

No needs to worry! We are here to provide you all the concerned details on this very own page of ours. We will keep in touch with you all the time and try our best to entertain you all with our content. All details for example cricket world cup 2019 schedule, world cup 2019 location, 2019 cricket world cup venue, the ICC world cup 2019 broadcast rights, each and every, vital news that you want. So what is the hustle? Just keep in touch and get the reward.

The Teams, playing in the tournament

There are three main elements which ensure the establishment, advancement and success of this prestigious tournament. First comes the experienced and the highly decorated organization of cricket, the International Cricket Council, at number two are the teams which participate in the tournament and at last but not the least there comes the audience (The Fans). By the mutual co-operation of these three, today cricket has reached such a regal state.

As mentioned before, there would be a whole of ten teams combating with each other to outrival their opponents and make their way to victory, the ICC WC2019 champion’s title. The ten top ranked teams for the world cup 2019 are listed below

Australia (the defending champions), India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England (the hosts), Bangladesh, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand and Afghanistan.

All these contestants will be in action during the whole session and all will be in the quest to conquer. The champion will grab its reign when the final results will be unveiled in front of the world, so stay tuned till then.

Venues and Schedules (according to all time standards)

All the fans are excited about the events details and so as we. As it was announced by the ICC that the host’s duty will be accomplished by the Land of Cricket, ENGLAND and all the matches will be held in different arenas present in the gorgeous country of the Great Britain, according to the native time.

Well, obviously all the teams, representing a certain country, have their own time standards with respect to the GMT and the local fans will feel some inconvenience in order to sync with CWC 2019 match schedule. Don’t worry folks we have uploaded full ICC WC 2019 venue details and the match schedules and fixtures according to all the time standards, so that everyone gets the authentic info of the ICC world cup 2019.

The Possible winner of the WC 2019

All the contestants come under the worthy zone and surely deserve success, as they have proven this with their throughout performance. Cricket is by chance! , if we elaborate this phrase then it means that it is a completely unpredictable genre of sports. No one can give a final statement in this business, not at all!

But if we go for the individual stats then each team is in an uncanny mode and will be entering the battlefield with an ACE in its sleeve. According to our personal analysis, the top four teams who are thought to excel in the world cup 2019 will be Australia, India, Pakistan and England.