How to find the perfect pair of glasses for you?

If you are the one in search of the perfect pair of glasses for you, this thing really is fun and not to frustrate about.  Different things are there which impact your decision making regarding a pair of glasses like your eye color, style and hair color, and so many other things are there which is important and they matter a lot. Following mentioned in this article are some of the guidelines for you which could be helpful in selecting the best pair of glasses for you. This guide will be helpful for you to understand the underlying factors in the selection of a perfect pair of glasses.

–    Search for the frame size

For the glasses to perfectly suit your face, you need to search for perfect fit frame size. Search for the glasses same the way as you search for your shoes and the first thing there is to know the size.  There are different figures which are important in terms of the size of the glasses frames:

–    The lens width should be between 31-60 mm

–    The bridge width should be between 12-31 mm

–    The glasses arm length must be between 115-155mm

If you already own a pair of glasses, it wouldn’t be tough for you to find a pair of new glasses for you. That glasses which fit you should be of anyone and any type but the requirement is that they must be of your fit. Normally there are size numbers which are printed on the side arms of the glasses and sometimes they are present on the bridge. You can search for different sizes.

–    Frame size

Once you know about the measurements, you then need to search for the perfect frame size.  This helps you in narrowing down your search to find the best pair of glasses for you. There may be thousands of frame types available for you and you can select the one which better suits and fit you.  You can find glasses on

–    Face Shape

Face shape is something which matters too much especially when it is about getting the right pair of glasses for you. There are various frame shapes and types which suit different shapes of faces. Each type of frame suits on a specific face shape though you need to know of your face shape and the type of frame which will suit on the face shape of yours. Following mentioned are the face shapes and the type of glasses to suit them which you can get on

–    Round shape

This is a sort of traditional advice that bold and squared off angles of the frames. People who are round-faced must try cat-eyed, and retro styles of glasses. To be more bold and prominent, trying round shaped glasses on a round face would be best.

–    Square face

Sharp angled frames of the glasses would be a better option for square faced people. They can try browline, aviator, round and oval-shaped glasses.

–    Triangular face

Pick the bold kind of frames which are a perfect balance to the wider jaws.