How Singapore is the best place to buy apartment unit for a foreigner?

Are you looking to buy property in a foreign land? Being a real estate investor, you might be on the hunt to find a place where you can invest in property. When it comes to foreign investing, especially in land, it is hard to find some good locations. However, Singapore is a place that has been attracting the property investments since some time. Many people look towards buying property in Singapore due to various reasons. Just have a look at The Florence Residences price of Balance Units and the sheet will tell you how quickly the property is being sold. In the meantime, we will discuss why you may spend on real estate in Singapore.

You can buy property as foreigner

Singapore allows foreigners to buy property with no strings attached. It is a luxury that you are very unlikely to find when purchasing a property on a foreign soil. The country has certain rules and regulations regarding the foreign property investments. However, you can certainly get a land to your name and enjoy its income and benefits.

Capital appreciation is decent

Why many people invest in property business? Well, it is because they want to enjoy the rental income or they wait until the prices go up high so that they can sell it again. You might want to do both and if this is the case then Singapore is perhaps the most worthy place when it comes to property investment. Especially, if you own a place closer to the city center, chances are that you will be able to enjoy higher capital growth as compared to other locations. According to an estimate by Morgan Stanley, the property prices are likely to double by 2030.

Rental income is attractive

Rental income is another thing that you have to keep your eyes at when purchasing a property. Especially, if you are willing to build a passive income from your real estate, you need to focus on the rental part. For those of you that want to capture tenants at max, you can go for the locations with easy access to commercial components and decent transit links such as MRT. These places provide you an attractive rental income which is great for your property business.


Stable economy

What do many companies and businesses look for before making an investment in foreign land? Perhaps most of the individuals would answer that it is the economy of that country. Singapore has one of the most stable economies in all the world as they have no foreign debt on their shoulders. The government revenue is increasing with each passing day, staying in the surplus side for a good period now, and is likely to be on the steady and stable path for a long time to come.


So, these are a few reasons why you should invest in Singaporean apartments and condos on offer to you. Gigantic property projects are running around and developments are being made at a rapid pace. Take a look at The Florence Residences floor plan to have an idea of what kind of infrastructure and facilities are being developed.