Feeling lazy and tired? Don’t want to get up and work? Well, maybe it is time for you to get coffee and inject yourself with some caffeine. And what if I tell you that you won’t even have to get out of your bed let alone leave your house to get coffee? There are many online stores that can provide you with some seriously good coffee beans. However, some people tend to drink it way too much and you might be told by a fellow that it is unsafe for you. But how much coffee can you drink in a day? What is the safe amount?

How much coffee a day?

A recent study comes up with a detailed research on the coffee and its consumption. Usually, you will find people associating coffee to the heart damage or stiff arteries. However, the studies state that there is no such thing that happens to a person. This study, conducted by the British Heart Foundation, monitored 8000 people throughout UK and the effects of coffee and caffeine were administered.

It was unveiled that people who drink as much as 25 cups of coffee a day, yes 25 cups, were facing the same risk from the consumption of this hot brown drink as a person who was drinking a single cup. There is actually no different to the health risk for a person who drinks 1 cup of coffee a day and a person who drink 25 cups of coffee a day.

There were MRI, heart scans, and pulse wave tests in order to administer the impact of coffee on the heart and blood vessels of a person. The changes after one cup of coffee were similar to the ones that occurred to a person who drank 25 cups.


25 cups of coffee a day is some serious coffee consumption. Probably the most coffee savvy persons won’t be drinking that much coffee. The study does not suggest that one must drink this much a day. Rather, it determines the fact that it won’t risk your health as told to you by many individuals.