These are the people who have learned the skill of creating illusions and deceiving people’s sight by performing various tasks. These tasks are of different levels from performing outstanding card tricks to mind blowing things which to this day still needs explanation. There have been magicians from the earliest days in human life. These people used to entertain people in circuses to earn money and fame. Following are some of the most famous magicians of the world.

1.     David Blaine:

He has graduated from doing card tricks and little illusions to performing illusions by elaborating public imprisonments. This includes in which he has spent three days packed up in a box with six tons of ice inside and the box is buried down beneath a tank in the New York City. Another one of his best mind blowing illusions was when he levitated himself above the ground. This caught the attention from people all over the world. This made him as one of the most famous magicians.

2.     Steven Frayne as Dynamo :

Steven Frayne also known as Dynamo is also one of the most famous magicians in the world. Steven is famous for his slick card tricks which he used to perform in the streets with young generation. Steven got more famous when he was involved with the documentary known as Dynamo: Magician Impossible. Some of the best bits he did was swallowing jewelries of the audience members and then pulling out from his stomach, transforming snow into diamonds, bench pressing more weight which he can do at the gym and also walking on water.

3.     Criss Angel:

He is often described as the Marilyn Manson of the magic world. He has a rock and roll image with the mixture of his mind blowing magic tricks. Some of the famous illusions Criss pulled were shackling himself with a burning car which is filled with explosives, suspending himself with a helicopter with fish hooks which are going through his skin. Criss Angel has used the media to engage with the wide audience. This helped him becoming one of the most successful magicians of the whole world.

4.     David Copperfield:

One of the most successful magicians ever in the whole world. He has a career of 40 years in magic which earned him about 11 Guinness World Record. Other achievements include A Star in Hollywood Walk of Fame, A Knighthood by the French Government and named Living Legend by the Library of U.S Congress. He is also the richest magician in the world with net worth up to $850 million. He has created many TV show in which he showing his illusion skills to the audience. He became famous due to many things which he has done in his life from being a great magician to a successful businessman. David Copperfield owns his own chain of Bahamian islands which are called as Musha Cay. These islands are the private resorts of him in which he has invited many other famous celebrities from around the world.