Clash of Magic Apk

Clash of Magic Apk – Play with Unlimited Gold, Gems and Elixir

Are you tired of playing clash of clans with all those weird in-game rules and restrictions? If yes then there is a solution to that problem. Now you can play the game with unlimited freedom, all you need is a clash of magic APK. It is a private server for the game that allows you to have all items for free and unlimited. Now you can create your clan, troops, weapons, and never die because of the unlimited elixir.

What is the Clash of Magic Server?

The clash of magic is a wonderful and a super fast clash of clans private server. You will enjoy playing the game on these servers. This server works same as the clash of lights server, but it uses different hosting services and space. It has different management which makes it a bit different from other private servers for COC. With these servers, you will have the freedom of playing the game with unlimited resources just like any other private server for the game.

Clash of magic is better than the Clash of Lights in many ways. It has more awesome features and in-game commands. The game, clash of clans, came out in 2014, and millions of people download this game and play it. The game is very interesting, but due to restrictions and limited resources, it is very hard to play and defeat the enemies. These private servers allow the players to get over this problem and have unlimited resources of the game.

The clash of magic has four servers. There are the S1, S2, S3, and S4 servers. Each of these servers has unique features and different offers for the payers. These private servers for the game are super fast. You can also join other players who are online on the servers and battle against them. It is what makes these servers unique and amazing. With these servers, you have full freedom of playing COC.

Android Requirements

To play clash of magic, you will require Android 4.0 or more. You will need iOS 9 or more. To play it on PC you may need an emulator.

It requires almost 85 MB of space on your phone. It supports small, medium and large screens. When you install the game, it will ask you for permissions. It needs location permission, media access, and device ID permissions. It also asks for phone status and identity. It also needs access to caller ID and Wi-Fi. It will work on all android devices smoothly.

Features of Clash of Magic private servers

Like all other servers for COC, you will enjoy unlimited game resources. You will get unlimited Gold, unlimited Elixir, and Gems. You will also get unlimited Dark Elixir. You will not have to worry about anything. Once you install the clash of magic APK, you will get everything unlimited. All will be free of cost. You will get unlimited troops too. These servers run on both iOS and Android devices. There is no restriction on device size or resolution.

These servers allow you to customize your players and characters. You can also build custom buildings and heroes of your choice. When you play the game on these servers, you will have the ability to merge the powers of the heroes and make a new hero. There are several servers that you can choose. This diversity of choosing the servers allows you to play the game with fast speeds. These Clash of Magic servers are powerful and can run on unlimited bandwidth. So, if you are looking for some amazing Clash of Clans gameplay, you should download one of these servers. Here is a detail of each of these servers that you should know. Choose the server or download the APK according to your needs.

These servers also provide you with a huge list of custom heroes and building. A few custom heroes that you will get when you download these servers are Witch Queen, Bowler King, Lava King, Bat Queen, Battle Ram King, Baby Dragon Queen, Night Witch Queen, Mini Sparky, and a lot more. You will also get custom buildings when you play the game using these servers such as P.E.K.K.A Tower, Ice Wizard Tower, Archer Queen Tower, Barbarian King Tower, Mini Sparky Tower, Toxic Minion Tower, Baby Dragon Tower, Night Witch Tower, and so many more.

Clash of Magic S1

The first server is the clash of magic S1.  It is a fast and a secure server.

With this, you will get unlimited gems, gold, and troops. You will also get unlimited elixir and dark elixir. This clash of magic s1 APK is also known as Black Magic.

If you wish to play the game with unlimited items, this is the perfect server to choose. You should always download the most secure files from here. This server is better than other servers as it also offers free and unlimited Air Sweeper. If you want to play the game with unlimited items, then this is the right server. Clash of magic S1 download allows you the ultimate freedom that you need to play the game and beat the enemies.

Another great quality of this server is the modification. If you wish to modify your troops and heroes, go for it. Modifying the game according to your needs is a dream comes true it is only possible with this server. Now you can change your heroes the way you want. You can create custom troops. It means that the troops you create will have custom assigned powers. When you create a hero, you can assign him the powers you want. When you do such modification, it allows you to have a strategic advantage while playing. So, if you want to play the game with strategy and with unlimited modifications, download this S1 server.

One of the best features that this server offers is the maps. When playing COC, it is very difficult to unlock the maps. You will have to complete difficult tasks and win some battles to unlock certain maps. When you get a Mod APK such as the COM server S1, you get these maps for free. You do not have to play battles and win games to unlock the maps. This S1 server comes with all PVE maps. Now you get unlocked Goblin maps in the game once you install. No need to worry about completing hard tasks.

This server also allows you to build custom buildings. Whenever you are creating an empire, you need unlimited resources to build unlimited buildings. This server gives you that ability. Now you can create buildings and build hundreds of town halls for free.

Spend as much Gold you want; it will not finish. This server is fast and secure. All files that you will find here are virus-free.

The COM S1 server has

  • Unlimited Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir but does not have Mods
  • Allows you to create custom buildings and town halls
  • Allows you to create custom troops
  • Allows you to create heroes with custom powers

Clash of magic S2

The Mods in the game are a brilliant way to play the game. These Mods help the players complete different tasks in less time. So, if you are looking for the game server which provides you custom Mods, the clash of magic s2 APK is the best choice. It allows you to have an unlimited number of customizations. You can create custom Mods or customize the Mods in the game. With this server, you will get the Mods such as Baloon King, Dragon King, Lava King, Bat Queen, Hog King Mod and the Wizard King Mod. Each Mod has a different gameplay strategy that allows you to conquer more land.

The Clash of magic S2 is a fast and secure server. This server has a onetime build cost. It runs on the fastest and the most reliable servers. The game will load and play without any lag. It is because of these powerful servers the game has Zero build time. You will, however, need a strong and a fast internet connection so that the game does not stop in the middle of loading. This server is the best re-implementation of the original game with unlimited resources.

This server works for both Android and iOS devices. You will need Android 4.0 or higher to run this server on your mobile. This server is also known as Hall of Magic. It has unlimited Gems which you can use to create magical items and perform magic on your enemies. You can also make custom changes according to your needs.

This server as compared to a clash of lights is better. It performs well and never breaks down. Creating custom heroes is not a difficult task at all. It also allows you to power up your troops the way you want.

This server allows you to create custom buildings. But you cannot buy unlimited buildings on this server. It allows you to create as many buildings as you want. With unlimited Gold, you can purchase many other resources which you require for creating custom buildings. When you conquer more land, you will need to build on it. The feature to build unlimited buildings allows you to expand your territory quickly. It is not just the buildings that you can create; you can also create custom heroes using this server.

When you build custom heroes, it allows you to be a better player in the game. To beat the enemies you will need various powers and unique fighting styles. You can create custom troops with unique fighting styles and powers. You can create heroes with unique style and powers. It is the best way in which you can beat the enemies in any battle.

The COM S2 server has

  • 2,000,000,000 Gold, Elixir and Gems
  • This server also comes with custom Mods
  • It has Zero Build time

Clash of Magic S3

The clash of magic s3 is also known as the Power of Magic server. It is a fast and reliable server. It uses reliable servers which instantly allow the game to load on your devices. All you need is a powerful internet connection. It is known as the power of magic as it uses the most powerful servers compared to all other servers for the game. The reason it loads faster than other servers is that it uses the latest technology and hardware. Make sure that you download the latest S3 server APK for the game. It is secure and safe to download and install it from here.

When you get the clash of magic s3 apk, you will install it with ease. There is no root required for installation. You will have unlimited resources. You will get unlimited Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. With the unlimited Elixir now you can send in your troops to fight the battle without any worry. With this, you are sure to win any battle in the game. This server runs on both iOS and Android. It requires less space for installation. It is also more suitable for playing on all the latest devices. You do not have to worry about the size of your device to run this server for COC.

The best part is that this server comes with custom and unlimited modifications. With the custom modification, you can modify your troops and heroes the way you want. Also, the Mods are unlocked. You can also build custom Mods using this server. Like the other clash of magic servers, it also has a onetime build cost. Whoever, with the fastest servers, it requires zero time for building. It also means that when you create something, it will be there in an instant.

When you download the latest S3 server from here, you will also get unlimited hero creation and customization. You can also buy unlimited buildings using clash of magic s3 download.

The COM S2 server has

  • Unlimited resources
  • Allows modification
  • Allows you to buy unlimited buildings and build custom buildings
  • It includes various Mods

Clash of Magic S4

The clash of magic s4 is also known as Power of Magic 2.

The S4 server is also secure and safe. You can trust this server and download the clash of magic s4 APK and install it on your devices. It requires less space and also loads fast. These Clash of Magic servers are secure and faster than other servers. These are like the clash of light servers but with better precision and build time.

For those who wish to enjoy the original game, they should download this server. This server is more close to the original game. It has unlimited resources but does not allow you to make custom buildings and heroes. It has the original heroes and also the same number of buildings as the original game. You will get all the unlimited resources like Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir, but not the ability to create custom heroes.

This server allows you to play the original game with only unlimited resources. As it has unlimited Gold, you can buy whatever you want. You can buy unlimited troops and buildings, but cannot customize them. So, this is the server without modification. Make sure that you get the latest version of the APK. With the latest version, you will have all the features that you want.  The latest updates are always safe and secure. Our APKs are highly secure and are virus-free.

When you play the game, you also need new places and new buildings. This server has unlimited buildings. You can buy unlimited buildings if you do not want to create them. There is no limit to how much you buy. Also, there are many new buildings such as beach buildings. It gives a new way to look at the game and makes it more interesting.

The S4 server provides the players with

  • Fastest server for loading the game
  • Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Gems, and Dark Elixir
  • Does not allow you to create custom buildings and heroes
  • You can buy unlimited buildings and troops
  • It has in-game commands

How to install

When it comes to installation, these servers are ready to install with their respective APKs. You can download the clash of magic APKs here. Once you download the APKs, you can transfer them to your phone’s memory. You will, however, need to delete the original Clash of Clans game before you install these Mod APKs. Once you delete the original game, you can install one of these servers. All you need is to tap on the file on the phone. It will ask you for permissions. Tap on give permissions or allow it to continue installing the game Mod.

It will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources, allow it. You can also change the installation settings so that it does not ask every time you install the server. You will require 85 MB of space for installing the game on your Android or iOS devices. Once you install, you will see that you have all the unlimited resources and features respective of each server.


Is it safe to download Mod APKs?

These APKs are safe to download. We scan each file for viruses and other threats before uploading and making available to download.

Is there any cost of downloading?

No, there is no cost of downloading these APKs. These are all free of cost. No matter you download the S1, S2, S3 or S4 all are free. All the items in the game after installation are also free and unlimited.

Does it work on iOS or Android?

Yes, these APKs work on all devices with any OS, i.e., iOs or Android.

Is there any limit for the resources in-game?

All the servers provide unlimited in-game resources.

Does it affect the phone’s working?

The Clash of Magic servers uses the latest technology and fast servers which allow you to connect and play the game in an instant. You will not feel any lag during installation or play the game.

Is there any special requirement to install?

No there are no special requirements.

Updates for the private servers

These private servers always update the APKs. You should always get the latest version o your favorite clash of the magic server. The latest version will have all the updates of the previous versions plus additional content.


Clash of Clans uses PowerCell servers. The PowerCell has rules and limitations for playing the game and does not allow unlimited resources.

You can overcome this problem by downloading the Mod APKs and private servers of the game. One of the best private servers is the Clash of Magic. There are four servers, and each of them has unique features and provide the user with different abilities. For example, the S1 has all unlimited resources and also allows unlimited modifications to the characters. The S4 however, does not allow modifications or creating custom heroes and troops. S4 has unlimited resources though.

In general, these servers provide the players with a lot of unlimited items. The main items are Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems, Troops, and Heroes. All the servers of Clash fo Magic provide unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gems. These servers also come with free Goblin maps. Now you do not have to compete for tough tasks to unlock each map. You will get all PVE maps for free upon installing these servers.

The best part is that you do not have to enter any command or run a crack file on your phone to allow the unlimited resources. Once you install the game Mods, you will have everything already there.

The quality of these servers is that they do not take time to load. You need only to fulfill the requirements to download the files and install them on your phone. Due to the fast server hosting, you will not feel any lag in installing and playing the game. Read more on mypdfhub