Can samsung takeover apple in USA?

Samsung currently is making a big push into the center of smart home as it is on its way to acquiring a maximum number of smart things with the help of which lets the people sync with the numerous gadgets they are having just with the help of a software hub or with a smartphone application. This company is going and getting too famous with the passage of time that no one still has reached its success patterns. The company still isn’t releasing any information or news regarding the acquisition price which it will charge but it has been reported by the sources that the price tag of $200 million was first caught out of the deal which happened in last month.

CEO’s Statement

The CEO and the co-founder of the smart things, Alex Hawkinson had a phone call that day in which he said that from the start of the time, their goal has been to make such a platform which could be used by all human beings and to make every home the smart home and this acquisition which is going to take place in near future would be going to be very effective because it will definitely help the company to expand its reach to a massive scale as this is an opportunity for the Smartthings to bring vision to millions of its customers. Smartthings was basically founded in the year 2012 and at that time when it was established, it was just in the tens of thousands of the homes but now its installation is expanded to 20 percent reach in every home in each month and it is growing with the same rate.


According to the statements given by smartthings and Samsung, Smartthings is going to operate as a separate company and would be moving its operations from the home base which it has in Washington DC over the innovation center of Samsung that is in Palo Alto. The innovation center basically is like the investing arm or it could be called as the startup accelerator for the US based companies all those in which Samsung keeps its interest in.

David Eun, the executive vice president of Samsung in a phone call said that the company has been acquired by Samsung which is being operated in the open innovation center, still the company would be operating by being separate from Samsung and keeping its arms a length away from Samsung as they want that the people understand the importance of being and staying independent. Smartthings will still be continuing to work with the developer community of it’s and also along with the business partners. So in the meantime, Samsung will be finding the ways so that it could make the partnership with them.

This what the nature of the partnership between Samsung and smartthings actually is and still some of the things are needed to be determined. But still, this is a hard task for Samsung to figure out the better place for the electronics as well as for the smartphones to the empire at the center of the lives of people.