Can playing chess and cards help you with better intelligence?


Chess is one of the oldest indoor game that we play on a chess board. It is two player strategy game and each player has 16 pieces. It is well known indoor game and played every day around the world.

Help in intelligence:

Chess and intelligence has an old relationship. Playing Chess has many benefits and importance. Chess is basically a mind game. It involves planning and predicting. It is full of tricks and different strategies and it requires great intense focus. Chess is extremely helpful in brain development. One who plays chess regularly becomes good in learning and thinking. It also improves analytical power and decision making ability of a person. Discipline is one of the branches of intelligence and chess teach us being disciplined in life. Chess is such an organized game that should be played wisely. Playing chess since childhood help the kids become more sharp and clever. They become aware of different tactics in order to deal with different problems and hurdles. Somehow chess is also linked with some of the branches of mathematics which helps in evolving intelligence. Making each move increases the self confidence which is the essential part of growth. A person who plays chess from an early age exhibit extraordinary memory skills.


Card game is also an indoor game that involve cards. It’s a traditional game. It consist of a deck of 52 cards. It is one of those games which is not only excitedly played by youngsters but also by old people.

Help in intelligence:

Cards game not only provides entertainment but also consist of mental and emotional benefits. Playing cards keeps our mind active and energetic. Cards game is all about mathematical and logical thinking which increases the intelligence of a person as in a game a person can’t rely on a guess work and instead have to think carefully and cleverly what card the other person is holding. This involves different challenges and tactics which also help in mental health and personality building. This game teaches about the patience as well. One cannot just make a move instantly but to think wisely with patience and concentration. Card games also help in improving the memory and analytical skills and improving memory can have great effect on life overall. Involvement of memorizing is especially useful and helpful for older people to keep their mind sharp. This kind of game is like a mind exercise. Trying different kind of card games everyday helps in avoiding boredom, ultimately increasing the creativity and intelligence of a person. Card games also help in quicken the reflexes during shuffling and dealing. A person can’t get bored when custom playing cards as it consists of many games such as poker, rummi, UNO, hearts, spider solitaire etc.


Thus both the games “chess and cards” have the ability to enhance intelligence, creativity, decisiveness, and discipline among the individuals. They are both indoor games, thus allowing the people to benefit themselves sitting under the roof.