Like other beans such as kidney beans and soya beans, green beans are not actually counted as a unit of beans and peas. Rather they are standardized to other starchy vegetables and organized with them. Green beans are also known as string beans are a splendid reservoir of fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K. Many people want to know” Can dogs eat green beans?”

Positively yes, along with being a source of fiber and minerals green beans are low in calories. Fibers in the beans aid the dog to feel replete for a longer duration without chunking futile calories. While vitamin A is superb for eyes and heart, vitamin C boosts the immunity and regulates the blood pressure whereas vitamin K escalates the healing power.

How to Serve Green Beans to Your Dog?

The best way to serve green beans is to fortify them to your dog’s meal either cooked or frozen. Some other serving ideas include

·      Fresh green beans

Green beans can be served directly to the dogs but be sure to wash them and slash them for smaller dogs. Fresh beans add crunchy flavor to your dog’s meal.

·      Steam Green Beans

Many dogs are a fan of steamed green beans. To serve, plainly steam, let them cool and serve alone as a snack or along with their food.

·      Canned Green Beans

Not perfect, because of the sodium, but most accessible, inexpensive and easy to feed and store.

·      Frozen Green Beans

Frozen green beans are the best way to serve in summer because they are cool and flimsy. Either freeze them at home or buy them from the grocery store but double check that there are no other unnecessary ingredients.

·      Dehydrated Green Beans

They are fantabulous refreshment for the dogs because they are nice and crunchy. Serve them plain or coat them with some coconut oil.

·      Fermented Green Beans

Fermented green beans not only aid the dog to feel full but also serve as a raw supplier of probiotics, which assist to buildup the gut biome in the digestive system which helps to digest the food more sprucely, lose weight and retain healthy weight.

Benefits of green beans

The nutritional benefits found in green beans are as follow:

  • Vitamins: Vitamin A helps to preserve dogs eye health and manage optimal heart health, Vitamin K enhance the healing and promotes blood clotting, Vitamin C enhances immunity. All three vitamins act as antioxidants.
  • Being low in calories and high in diet provide a hygienic diet.
  • As obese dogs can suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, orthopedic disorders, cancer, and high blood pressure. Their lifespan may also decrease by 2 years. Green beans can be beneficial in the management of weight and to get them back in shape.

Risks of Giving Green Bean

Feeding too much of green beans to the dog can result in an upset stomach as it contains high alkaline concentration. All types of green beans are safe for the dog as long as they are given plain here are some green bean hazards to avoid.

  • Canned beans with too much salt.
  • Green beans cooked with oil and spices.
  • Green beans mixed with Onion and garlic.

In the bird’s eye view, the answer to the question “Can dogs eat green beans” is yes. However, they are good enough when given in moderate amount.