All you need to know aboutAdmissions in Undergraduate & Graduate programs in Canada

Education is the basis of knowledge and what knowledge can do for an individual is beyond the general perception. Education combined with the will to become a person of high intellect goes a long way, life in general and professional life. Thus the rhetoric language of knowledge is not to be taken as trivial. One way to gain this power is to Study in Canada without ielts 2019 under either the range of their Undergraduate or Graduate programs.

There are different courses available depending on the type of field that you want to pursue and Canadian institutes offer almost all of them.

Undergraduate Program

Almost all of the institutes function on the basis of the semester system. In this, the academic year is divided into two portions known as the semester. The fall semester lies from September to December while the spring one starts in January to May after a Christmas break. Multiple Institutes even offer summer semesters from June to August.

The usual admission acceptances begin before the start of the fall semester but the deadlines may vary from school to school. You are requested to send in your applications either online now or by post.

Although there are some important differences in the education system in each province. Each province has its own set of eligibility criteria within Canada. In some cases, the secondary school grading system goes to 11, 12 or even 13 sometimes and the universities and colleges in the relative province require previous education up to that certain grade. However, if you’re academic credentials are extraordinary then in these circumstances, a certain exception will be made. Moreover, before assuming your limitations, it is always encouraged to have applied anyway as the potential for exceptions is always present.

Unlike most eastern countries including Pakistan and India, even America, Canada does not have an integral and general entrance test on the basis of which the whole our application can be influenced. Rather, the Canadian Universities each have their own set of eligibility criteria and entrance test.

Application Requirements:

The application form has certain requirements which are necessary to be followed. The transcript and graduation certificate. It also demands a report file signed and filled by school personnel. If your school lists children based on their academic interventions, make sure your application includes this list as well. The school is also to provide you with you ‘leaving the school’ graduation sort of completion authority.

canada visa requirements
canada visa requirements

Lastly, it is always recommended that you get your recommendation letters are conducted by people of authority. Some universities have their own pattern which needs to be given priority to.

Graduate Program:

There are currently over 90 famous universities in Canada which have an even wider range of a subject selection, relevant to their previous one.

Similar to the undergraduate program, previous education records and data of the years of education should meet the eligibility criteria of the province. Although you can send your formal application before a year than the original deadline, it is better to send the application in March if you intend to get enrolled in the fall session but if you are taking a popular course, it if precautionary measures to apply beforehand out any further.


For students applying internationally, they need to meet the necessary criteria of the institute. The two major ones to this include, Language Proficiency, and sufficiency of finances. Or else the Study in Canada remain relentlessly unhopeful. You need to be fluent in either of the two languages, French or English. Also, you would need to attach and submit your bills of current living expenses as this helps to figure out whether you are financially stabilized or not.

Study Permit:

Once admitted into the Institute of your preference, a student is allowed to study for approximately, 6 months without a Visa thus handy for a semester abroad. However, for a complete degree more than 6 months, a study permit is requirements. In addition to this, a residence permit might also be necessary, depending upon your nationality.

Canada’s Undergraduate and graduate study systems are remarkable despite a few complications, thus Canada is mostly put up as a preference.