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8 Myths about buying YouTube views

YouTube is a great platform where users upload 300 hours of video to this biggest platform every minute. It is a community of 1 billion people but it is not easy to get more views on YouTube. That’s why most of the people buy YouTube views but there are a lot of myths about buying views for YouTube videos. In this post, we will discuss what the top 8 myths about buying views for YouTube videos are.

buy youtube views

It’s Illegal: The first thing comes in everyone’s mind about purchasing YouTube view is that it is illegal. But it is just a myth because according to the TOS (YouTube’s terms of service) it is not illegal. But bot generated views are considered as non-real YouTube views.

Video Will Get deleted after buying YouTube views: It is wrong because the video will not get deleted when you purchase video views. But if you buy them from a non-authentic provider then your views may remove from YouTube. Usually, YouTube removes videos that have content against its terms of service.

YouTube Account Will Get Banned: Wrong. On YouTube, your account will get banned if you are posting illegal content on your channel.

View Count Will Get Stuck: When your video gets video views 301 then view count will get stuck by YouTube. YouTube evaluates whether your video is getting views organically or through bots. But when you buy it from authentic providers then YouTube will not pause it at 301. If your video views don’t stick and people watch your videos then YouTube considers your video views organic.

Bought YouTube Views Are Fake: Generally, people assume that bought YouTube views are fake and bot generated but not all purchased views are fake. When you buy views from reliable sources then they generate views by paying users to watch your YouTube videos. Also, the views may be generated by paying publishers and they advertise your YouTube videos.

All Purchased Views Are the Same: It is not true because it can vary from CTR, location and viewer retention. When you buy cheap views then they are created by bots. But on the other hand, quality video views are from social media and blog or website.

No Need to Buy Comments or Video Likes: Many people assume that when you purchase YouTube views then there is no need to buy video likes and comments. But it depends on how your video resonates after gaining tons of views. When you buy video comments and likes with video views then it helps you to get more likes and comments and increase your social proof.

Buying Views Is the Definitive Strategy: Although, buying YouTube views from authentic provider, like wbix, qqtube etc, have a lot of benefits but don’t consider that it is the ultimate strategy to gain more views. There are also some other tactics that help you to increase your video views organically. When you pair it with these tactics, you can get a substantial amount of views on your YouTube views.