5 things you need to know before you buy a Dash Cam

You are in the market phase of a camera-dashboard. Here’s a first for you to start the market research.

Dashboard cameras or otherwise Dash Cam are excellent for recording your “Crazy Rides”. And they know great popularity thanks to YouTube. They can be a fun way to record whatever ride your appetite attracts and then share it with friends.

But the Dash Cam is more than just a GoPro on the windshield. Indeed today they have evolved into complex recording and tracking devices-GPS. Before proceeding to purchase such a camera, let’s take a look at some things you need to consider.

Is it legal?

Many still believe that there are legal issues surrounding the use of such a camera. But in many countries they are perfectly legal, while in some even compulsory. There are country police who encourage their use as they provide valuable recordings and testimonies in criminal cases.

Insurance companies are also allowing owners to submit evidence to the court to favour their case.

Be careful, however, as the video is not to be edited or tampered with in any way, if you want to be considered evidence. If the camera has a microphone, you will also need permission from any passenger to record it.

Otherwise, you should keep the microphone turned off when there are others in the car. In Greece there is no legal framework, either in criminal or in an insurance case, to make the camera recording material evidence.

What’s going on in Europe?

In Portugal and Austria, the use of dash cam is not permitted without the necessary permission. In Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Serbia, the dashboard camera can be used without preconditions.

In France it is permitted provided that the user does not share private material without their permission. In Norway, its use is limited to private cases, and should not distract the driver. In Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Greece, there is still no legal framework for its use. So, the cameras fall under the laws of use that their boundaries are defined by the protection of privacy.

Create files

Many cameras are now equipped with memory card slots. This is a great way to quickly download video recordings from your camera to your computer. Make sure that your memory cards are Class 10 or later. For even greater ease of use, think of a webcam with built-in WiFi. These cameras allow you to have direct access to a local network, providing instant access to any recorded video.

The Pruveeo F5 is the most well-timed dash cam on Amazon, with built-in WiFi and a mobile app, giving you access to live stream.


There are definite advantages to wireless cameras. Battery-operated ones can also be removed and used in other off-car registrations. However, the batteries need to be charged. The foresight to recharge the camera helps avoid losing recordings because of a dead battery. Be careful not to leave the camera exposed to a high temperature.

Something that could cause battery damage and destroy it. Oasser is the top seller for the category, offering a fully equipped 1080p camera, which includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

With screen or without?

Holders of such a camera may face legal issues. Although there are no clear laws for them in many countries, cars with large screens may fall under legislation for driving distraction. In Greece there is no chapter dealing with screen attention, except for mobile phone. Projection screens are an excellent way to display live recordings and provide graphical control interface for the camera. The best-seller on Amazon is the Yi Full HD camera with a 2.7 “display.


While it is true that the smartphone has been subbased on the location of the portable GPS, there is still the case of crowding devices on the windshield. There are cameras available that are also really full GPS navigation units. Garmin, a leader in GPS devices, offers a 5 “GPS module with built-in camera. It is the perfect solution for not crowding appliances in front of you.

Techodom – one of the leading technology news websites in the world – lists many things that cost 100 US Dollars or less. In that list they feature some of the best dash-cams you can buy. I suggest you check the list.