5 Simple to Increase Your Instagram Stories Views

Instagram stories are one piece of content that everyone watches daily. Moreover, it is an ideal platform to boost engagement and get more views. If you want to stand out on Instagram then all you need to increase the views on Instagram stories. You can run Instagram ads for Instagram views in order to get more Instagram views. In this post, we will share some ways that help you to grab the attention of the people and give you a lot of views.

  • One of the easiest ways to drive more eyeballs on your content is to add the location sticker in your Instagram stories. Consider adding the particular places in your stories rather than adding your city like if you are living in London but you are going to share a video that you created in Chelsea, use the location tag Chelsea instead of London. Also, add the place that you want to target to get more views and followers.
  • In order to get more views, share your story with others. When you are going to post your newest story, go at the bottom of your story and click send to the button then choose the user who you want to share your story. You can also share your story after posting it. Go at the bottom of your story at the right side, click on 3 dots and choose to send to option and then choose who to send your story.
  • Add your story as a highlight to your profile which is a great way to increase your brand exposure and get more views on your Instagram story.
  • Buying Instagram views from instaboostgram, buzziod, idigic, gramblast or any vendor is a safe bet to boost your Instagram story’ views. You can get hundreds of views in a fraction of time. If you have no time then this hassle-free method is a great way to go.
  • Cross promotion is the best way when it comes to get a number of views and let your existing followers know to follow you on Instagram to see your next stories.
  • Co-marketing or collaborations is another way to get more views and potential more followers on your account. Moreover, it also improves visibility and increases brand exposure.
  • You can reach a whole new audience by story takeover. You do a takeover on another account that has more number of followers, share your story with their followers and ask them to follow you to view more of your stories.
  • Write a short but compelling caption with your stories. Also, mention relevant people and accounts in your captions to get more eyes on your stories. You could also run a contest and mention relevant people in your podcast to boost engagement and views.
  • Instagram stories are not just posting 15 second pre-recorded video. You can also go live and stream your life on Instagram. People love the content that gives them real-time viewing experience. Come up with good ideas to share the personal side of your brand or business.