10 Tips for regular Window Maintenance

Maintaining a safe, healthy and clean living space is the duty of the inhabitants and an important part of home-care and cleaning is the maintenance of all the windows in your house. Window maintenance, two to three times a year, is essential to keep them in good shape and to increase their longevity. Window glass is regularly exposed to an intense amount of rain, debris, changes in temperature etc. and if logu mazgāšana  is not performed often, they are subjected to repeated wear and tear. Here are some tips for regular window maintenance.

  1. Clean them

On a regular basis, wipe down the glass with a wet cloth to remove dust that gathers over time. Glass cleaners or mild detergents can be used for this purpose too. Also, make sure to clean the frame of your window. Window Washing plays an important role in their maintenance.

  1. Do a seasonal inspection

Inspect the condition of the glass and its frame every season. Look for any signs of rot, mold, or moisture in windows with double or triple panes. Peeled off paint, brittle areas in the frame or gaps where the window meets the wall need to be checked and repaired too.

  1. Repaint the frame every three or four years

The paint may chip off the metal or wooden window frames and repainting them would help keep your windows in good shape.

  1. Repair damaged areas

Regularly maintain and repair damage done to the wood, frame or the window pane to avoid further deterioration or injuries. If the wooden frame is not regularly finished, it might rot in places or have moisture problems. This is what you should do to refinish the frame:

  • Remove the previous finish.
  • Clean the frame with a damp cloth.
  • Prepare the new paint, cover the surrounding area and the floor with newspaper and paint the frame.
  1. Maintain glass coating or films

Low-E film coating or other such films also need to be maintained regularly.

  1. Clean the window tracks

Dirt, spider webs, moisture or debris that might gather on the tracks need to be removed.

  1. Change cracked glass
  2. Seal and caulk windows when needed

Any cracks, crevices or openings around the window frame need to be sealed with caulk to avoid reduction in the energy efficiency of the building.

  1. Regularly check the locks for any issue
  2. Lubricate moving components

To extend the life of windows and prevent rusting, regular lubricating is essential.